Our Story

Amaze Gems prides itself on providing ethically-sourced fine jewelry. Our mission is to provide beautiful jewelry that is free from some of the irresponsible and unethical mining practices, associated with the current-day jewelry industry.  

Amaze Gems provides jewelry you can wear with confidence, as we strive to produce well-crafted jewelry that is environmentally friendly. 

From start to finish, our jewelry remains ethically-sourced, eco-friendly, and conflict free. 

As seen in the above photo, each gem starts with a CAD drawing. All of the following processes from creating a wax, casting a master model, to plating and packaging, are done ethically, conflict- free, and have no direct damage to the environment or creators.


moissanite testing process

All of our moissanite pieces are of top quality. They are put through rigorous testing to ensure durability and longevity . 

 Moissanite vs diamond chart

All of our Lab Made Moissanite Gemstones has been Certified by GTC, CNAS, or GRA. This results in a perfect shine, in some cases even more dispersion than a real diamond!